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Steve Berner Voice Overs -  Special Delivery, On Time.
About Steve Berner

Client Testimonials

Jeffrey Cobelli

Thank you for your work, you made it easy and good which seems easier than it it actually is for VO's.

Jeremy N. Ellenbogen
President and CEO

Steve not only has a fantastically deep, rich voice, but is one of those voice over artists that really interprets the meaning of the words, capturing the real essence of the project. It is great to have a voice talent that you don’t have to “coach” or even give direction to, he gets it, every time.

Steve has an incredible voice and most importantly, he knows how to use it. You know the voice over is great when you don’t notice it, Steve has one of those voices that never competes with the video image.

I work on television and video projects for Fortune 500 companies that demand very tight deadlines and often conservative budgets, and Steve has always come through with rave reviews. I highly recommend him for any voice over project.

Detrick "Deke" Rothacker
Director of Communications

Steve Berner’s eloquent voice has become an important element in Marshall & Sterling Insurance’s brand for well over a decade. His voice is synonymous with Marshall & Sterling, and his vocal delivery of our key messages in the media continue to play a pivotal role in our ongoing growth and success.

Brian R. Ochrym

Steve is an absolute professional! I brought him in on a project that need a specific kind of read and I was blown away with the results! Mirage Productions will definitely be pushing Steve for future Voice Over work for both corporate and national spots. A sheer pleasure to work with!

Brad Campbell
Longform Production Specialist

In our business, a large portion of our production involves dated material. As a result, it is of utmost importance to be able to turn our creative around quickly. Steve has a unique ability to cut a clean and clear track and have it in back in our hands in a very short amount of time.

John Mallen
President and CEO

In the PR business, our video requirements are often rushed. Success means having reliable colleagues who bring professional capabilities and flexibility. At JMC Marketing Communications & PR we have experienced this high level of professional execution and flexibility working with Steve Berner. His VO helped us pull together video feeds from several continents and, repeatedly, make revisions over a pressure-filled weekend, as people in our client organization tweaked the content more than once. We met the deadline and won hurrah’s when the program played at the worldwide gathering of management in Europe!

Ron Gold

Steve Berner has great pipes and is an experienced pro who is also a pleasure to work with.